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Sweetie Consulting

With Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

Sweetie's Online Workshop 


This  is where women come to prepare to grow and thrive in conscious living. 

Here I feature 3 workshops designed to help members gain clarity on their path to creating a conscious lifestyle. 

These workshops have no set cost but are pay what you can based on the "Honor System".  
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3 workshop series

1. Manifestation 101

The power of you 

  • Learn to prep the mind body and spirit for manifestation 
  • Get an in depth understanding of where your inner power comes from from a biology and physics perspective.
  • learn to create a plan and budget for growing in conscious living 

2. Manifestation 102

The power of words

  • Go in depth on mans main methods of communication writing and speaking, explore the history of language and writing 
  • Deepen your understanding of the cymatics, energy, and hidden connotations behind the words that you use all the time
  • Understand sigils, spells and other trickery of the English language dating back to before written words 
    3. Self healing
The power to heal
  • In this workshop we lead with scientific evidence of epigenetics and the ability to heal above your genetic code. 
  • We will discuss the most popular doctors and scientist investigating the subject and look at their research and developments including definitions
  • I will share my personal experience and you will hear the stories of others who have healed beyond what they were told possible with and without the help of modern medicine and traditional healing 
  • Learn to make things practical with tips and recipes for creating self healing at home including mantras, affirmations, essential oils and more

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Manifestation 101 

Manifestation 102 

Self Healing

Part 1 

Part 2