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Sweetie Consulting

With Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

Sweetie Cheresse is Born 

Going to cosmetology school was for the same reason as most, wanting to "do hair". It was there that Zora Robinson introduced essential oils and the discovery of their healing powers. Seeing them Soothe the pain of many during school and in the years to follow, including a mother with lupus, they became a staple in sweetie, even before it was sweetie.  

Beauty and Wellness
Now a few years into the industry it is evident that there was more to hair skin and nail care and health then most know. Even with the use of essential oils, and the best products one can still experience breakage, loss, thinning, breakouts, and other disorders due to ones chosen lifestyle. The way a person manages stress, their eating, sleeping and  exercise habits can all affect how they look and feel, so to make a healthy lasting difference in ones appearance you must consider the connection between beauty and wellness

The Crash

Awakening was a scary and lonely process in the beginning. Becoming aware of the betrayal of the food, medical, beauty, and other industries by poisoning our products on purpose or by accident and the death of a loved one due to bone cancer, which is often linked to toxic products, all became too much too fast and I had an emotional crash.

Clarity and Inner Peace
It was divine to come across Crystals when looking for ways to purify water at home. Learning crystal healing lead to meditation, meditation lead to yoga in the Ancient Himalayan traditions and that lead to awareness and alignment and the knowing that  I can create whatever I desire with clarity and inner peace.

Sweetie's Mission

  • For every Awakening woman to have clarity and inner peace in the moment while creating a life style of her dreams
  • To be the much needed support, and to provide the education and the means for women to transition to and thrive in a conscious lifestyle 
  • To create a community of conscious women who will create a society of conscious people 
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