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Here is where you come to start learning conscious living concepts. Click the Lotus Flower to access the Online Conscious Living Academy and scroll down to the Sweet & Simple Guides and click the "get my guide" box to purchase guides. 

Conscious Living Concepts and Descriptions

  1. The Art of Alignment: Learn to cleanse your energy, ground yourself, raise your vibration, focus your energy, and flow with allowance
  2. Chakras 101: gain understanding, identify their characteristics, heal, and realign your chakras with crystals
  3. Chemical awareness: learn how toxins enter the body, their affects on the body, ways to detox, and how to prevent exposure
  4. Body Talk: learn the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in the hair skin and nails, and the foods that contain those vitamins.
  5. Aromatherapy for my family: become familiar with the history, properties, values, selection, blending ad daily use of essential oils for home health and beauty.
  6. Meditation 101: Learn and practice the basics of meditation. 
  7. D.I.Y 101: Learn and practice making your home home and beauty products. 

Click the Lotus for the Conscious Living Academy

Sweet & Simple Guides 

Guides to assist the awakened woman on her chosen path to her higher, happier, healthy self. They are easy to carry and can fir into most bags, take consciousness to go with these easy guides. These are available for purchase on the Shop page.