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With Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

Freedom Town Cooperative for Sovereignty by conscious living

Hey hey Namaste and thank you for your time today!

 I like to keep things sweet and simple so I will get right to the point. I am Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett the organizer of the Freedom Town Movement for Sovereignty by Conscious Living and Sweetie Consulting. We are a collective of awakened connected people working in harmony together for a common good. 

Our mission is Sovereignty

We have created a national community that is creating sovereignty with self-sustaining practices like gardening, reducing, reusing, recycling and rain water usage. 

We have a 4-5-year plan to grow our community nationally, making us even more self-sustaining and off grid, that is already in motion. 

  • This year, 2019-2020 is year 1 and the focus is education. In spring/summer 2020 we will be attending the Earthship Biotech Academy in Taos New Mexico and purchasing the full collection of guides to learn to build self sufficient homes. 
  • This program is 3 weeks long and is no vacation at all. Work will be Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4:30pm, it is labor intensive and requires no previous training. 
  • While this is not the academy course on how to build an earthship it will provide not only education on the build but also an opportunity to get a real feel for what it is like to do this work on a daily basis. Using the guides, we will be able to elaborate on the notes will have taken and the skills we will have learned. 

Benefiting the community (what you will be supporting) 

Key components in self-sustained living are reusing and upcycling which are the same as saying trash to treasure. We will play a major role in collecting, reusing and upcycling tires, cans, and bottles from local businesses and schools surrounding each community. These items are items you can find on many streets and alleys of many cities and urban areas and they will not biodegrade so they are left there to pollute and liter our urban communities. We will be a major help in solving this issue. We will also be able to provide the required community service hours needed by high school student in order to graduate also providing them with an education and practice in self-sustained living. Each community will also have the option to host homestead and survival classes for visitors of their community. Sovereignty by means of conscious living is a win/win for everyone

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Become a member 

Who we are?

We are the Freedom Town National Cooperation

Our Mission

Our mission is Sovereignty by Conscious Living. It is our will to create sovereignty with self-sustaining practices like gardening, reducing, reusing, recycling and rain water usage ultimately cleaning our surrounding communities while we create Sovereignty by Conscious Living for our members, nationally

Who can join?
  • Any ACTIVELY awakened person ready for accountability and working in a community to accomplish a common mission.  
  • People who have completed the Freedom Town checklist
  • Entrepreneur members with aligned missions and ethics can be supported and promoted by Sweetie Consulting and Freedom Town under our umbrella. You can also add short educational videos to the Online Conscious living Academy.
  • Requirements
  1. Complete the Conscious Living Academy
  2. Complete the Q & A Survey and Freedom Town Checklist
  3. Pay monthly monetary contribution or an equivalent 

Member Benefits

Each member will have the benefit of growing in skill and living at peace and in harmony as a part of a cooperative of people providing mutual assistance in working toward a common goal. Below I have provided simple breakdown of other benefits.

  • Custom designing your sovereignty
  • Access to wholesale bulk shopping for organic and natural foods and other products
  • Share and grow your brand with our community, members, and supporters
  • Growth in awareness of self and others
  • Cultivate self-love
  • Improve self-care
  • Learn to flow in life without resisting or forcing
  • Gain self-empowerment
  • Learn self-healing
  • Increase emotional control
  • New found clarity and inner peace
  • Add to the ascension of unity consciousness

As of today, we have members in Maryland, Colorado, and San Francisco soon to be Oregon and we are excited to grow in our current states and adding new states. You can opt to join an existing community, start a new community, or evolve where you are. 

Sovereignty Options

It is very important that each member is able to live to their own degree of sovereignty and by their own sovereignty style. 


A. Coping and Creating:

This is when one uses self-awareness to cope with living amongst society, while relying on society to provide your basic needs and comforts. You create your own peace in the situation by practicing self-healing techniques. These techniques include meditation and using mantras or affirmations to cope with the stressors of systematic living. This style also includes some gardening most likely of potted plants and trees.

B. Coping, Creating and Sovereign:

This is all of the above plus the use of self-healing practices like aromatherapy, herbalism, and crystals. Gardening may also be practiced here on a small scale, either in pots or on a small plot of land. Solar panels and rainwater systems are also of interest for the sovereign. Some homeowners may use these options while still being plugged into public plumbing.

C. Connecting and Creating Sovereignty:

Here, one uses self-awareness and self-reliance to connect to all that is, and create sovereignty for themselves and others. Taking responsibility for one’s basic needs and comforts is a major part of connecting and creating sovereignty. You may still shop at local stores, but 90% of your needs are met by your own hand.

Eco features and their estimated budgets

These figures come from simple googles searches and websites views. It is a priority that each build includes up to 50% reused and upcycled materials so we anticipate coming in way under budgets. Members are also welcomed to out source additional funds to add to what’s been raised as long as they have met each weekly or monthly contributions.


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Video | An Introduction to Freedom Town