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Sweetie Consulting

With Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

The Conscious Living Movement

Freedom Town USA

Sweetie has grown into a conscious living movement for sovereignty and I am super pumped to have you be down for Freedom Town. 

This is for the ULTIMATE conscious person leading their family toward the ULTIMATE conscious lifestyle. 

What's ultimate? GOING SELF SUFFICIENT! 

We are here because we are creating our own versions of off grid living be it in a our Maryland community, Nationally in one of the other communities or in your home or own community! I am prepared to share so that we may all grow. For now this is our place to learn and grow and for me to share what I know. Updates will be made as they come. 


As of today we have a physical meet up scheduled for September 15, 2019 at 3:33pm est. in Baltimore Marylnad. This meeting will be in person and live streamed, registration is available directly through Sweetie or click the green box below 

Following the Meet UP

This meet up is an invitation to join the Freedom Town Cooperation. A national community and organization currently with members in Maryland, Colorado, and California and we are still growing! NOW is the ideal time to GET INVOLVED when we are just beginning and building remembering that you can ONLY reap what you sow.