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Sweetie Consulting

With Sweetie Cheresse Hamlett

Annual Events

Together we gather under the energy of the Spring Equinox and the New Moon for an intimate afternoon in the warmth of Sweetie's Home and Garden to explore and exchange thoughts on conscious living and to grow in self awareness and self reliance.

Join me for a light delicious lunch, meditation, energy awakening and a fun easy activity. Engage both the spiritual and the physical aspects of gardening to nourish the spirit and body and leave feeling courageous, confident, and competent with your continued care package in hand.

68.75% of the ticket cost is a Direct Investment in yourself meaning it is spent on you! 

Love on the Ley line is a celebration during the Summer Solstice where we gather to connect with other humans, meditate, and enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun! Each person or family is welcomed to bring a picnic basket and games  and even take a tour of the Washington Monument. 

To keep in alignment with Baltimore City Parks and Recreation Codes we have 30 spots available for registration yearly.

What is a "Ley Line"

Ley lines are apparent alignments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures. The belief is that these apparent lines are not accidental speculates that they are straight navigable paths and have spiritual significance.

Ley lines are magnetic areas in the earth. It is a known fact that the prehistoric circles of this island follow a path, where the stone circle has been built, there is the culmination of energy which was used by the ancient people.   ~BBC News

You can also find military bases, churches and national monuments on many of these ley lines and at their crossing points so this to me shows that someone knows more than they are telling the public. Here in Baltimore Md. we have a ley line that runs through our city; here below is is a bit about it from a website I found.

"The single most important bone of contention is probably a major ley line that runs southwest to northeast across the city. This ley line follows the Fall Line, the boundary between North America’s coastal plain and the Piedmont region, which passes directly through Baltimore. This ley line funnels considerable magical energy through the city, but its focus is the large, vaguely phallic-looking Washington Monument (yes, there’s one in Baltimore, too, and it’s older than the one in D.C.). Situated on the Fall Line, in the Mount Vernon neighborhood not far from the Inner Harbor, the Washington Monument acts as both a focus and a distributor of the energy in the ley line; three additional branches reach out from that point. One reaches southeast, through Federal Hill to Fort McHenry, then under the Patapsco River to Fort Carroll. Another reaches north, through Bolton Hill and Reservoir Hill into Druid Hill Park, where it dissipates. A third runs more or less west-northwest, through the greenway around Gwynns Falls and out of the city, eventually dissipating in the hills. Magical power is enhanced all along the ley lines, but it is particularly strong at a few points: the Washington Monument, Druid Hill Park, Heritage High School and Clifton Gate House, and Fort Carroll.

The branch reaching through Federal Hill is particularly strong and, together with the Monument itself, is the focus of a very tense stand-off among the four major supernatural players in the city."

~  Dresden Files Baltimore/D.C

Freedom Town Meet Up 

September 15, 2019

This event is for the ULTIMATE conscious person leading their family toward the ULTIMATE conscious lifestyle. What's ultimate? GOING SELF SUFFICIENT! We will gather because we are creating our own versions of off grid living be it in our Maryland community, Nationally in one of the other communities or in your home or own community!

This day we will discuss the plans from start to growth and there will room for questions an suggestions! which are both openly invited beloved!

Visit the "Freedom Town" page to learn more about the mission and CLICK the Eventbrite box  to register. 

Samhain pronounced Soween, and known as Halloween night marks the end of harvest season and is the start of winter, the dark half of the year.
This is thee time of year for self inventory and release of things, beliefs, habits, and people that no longer give good vibes or "serve" you any good.
Join me for supper, drinks and a bonfire, and some fire pit action at my home this Samhain. 

We will celebrate the season and our rebirth shedding all that no longer serves us! join us and watch your struggles burn in the flames. Click the eventbrite box to reserve your seat!