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The Hive: A training group for conscious living

The hive is a collective of women who are actively learning and growing in conscious living in a PRIVATE facebook group. Each month for 7 months October to April, we will cover 1 concept of conscious living. 

What Sweetie Does .....

tutor and mentor students

create live/recorded over view videos

go in depth on each conscious living concept

answer student questions and ease worries 

give acces to EXTRA information in the group files 

post an optional monthly quiz

e-mail check ins with each student monthly 

1 free chakra quiz and consult

weekly class reminders

Send you a physical syllabus, and a FREE copy of the Art of Alignment Guide

What YOU do.......

enroll for 1 training year and pay tuition 

take one class per month following the syllabus

read 1 guide each month following the syllabus

Classes $10 Guides $15 +shipping 

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