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How to select a hairstyle just for you

Posted on September 10, 2014 at 3:40 PM

When you are selecting a hairstyle there are key factors to consider that I call "knowing" your client, like the condition of the hair, the persons body type, head and face shape, as well as facial features, occupation, and lifestyle (do they workout; have children ect....), the occasion and the wardrobe. It is completely possible for any person to have any hairstyle, it all depends on the stylist and their ability to "Know" their client or your ability to "know" yourself. With some creativity and customizing any style can be made to fit any person especially if color is an option and the considerations are made.



There are 4 areas to evaluate when checking the condition of the hair; there is texture, density, porosity, elasticity.

TEXTURE: is the diameter (width) of each individual strand and there are 3 types, coarse, medium, and fine. Texture can affect how well the hair holds a curl and how much heat is needed from styling equipment, this can play a major role in selecting products, and can affect drying and processing time as well.

DENSITY: is the amount of hairs per square inch of scalp; this plays a role in sectioning the hair for curls and straightening it can also determine drying and processing procedures. Density can also have major affects on the look of the finished style and may sometimes require thinning which should be done by a licensed professional.

POROSITY: is the amount of moisture the hair can take in and hold. the more porous the hair the more moisture it absorbs and it can loose this moisture just as fast if the hair is not sealed after the moisture has penetrated. This is why you should rinse your conditioner with cool water (cool water seals hair closed trapping in moisture) Your hairs porosity can determine drying and processing time and can cause several disorders should it lack moisture like breakage and split ends.

ELASTICITY: is the hairs ability to stretch and return to its natural curl pattern, this can affect what is known as the "bounce" the movement of the hair. Elasticity can also affect the hairs ability to hold a curl, and the longevity of the style in which case most people can supplement elasticity with holding spray. Elasticity of the hair is usually lost due to chemical and heat damage and can not be regained once it is gone.


when selecting a style for yourself or others you have to be able to see the full picture before hand, the silhouette is what you are considering when you consider the full picture. In creating a perfect silhouette you have to consider balance; balance is very important to the eye and finding the perfect balance between body and beauty can be tricky. You have to keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule but in general and for example if you have big hips, as I do, you want to avoid big hair because it creates an overall "big" silhouette which may not be flattering to some; however in this case you have to consider the curl pattern too, remember any style can be for any person its all in the customizing of the details within the style. And this can apply to the shape of the head and face as well as facial features. It all comes down to finding a balance; if a person has a square face shape and high cheek bones they have very straight hard lines and need curved lines to create balance so curls would be the best option for them. if a person has eyes that are too close together avoid straight center parts as this draws attention to the closeness. Instead zigzag or slightly curve the parting but the best option is a side part or you could play with color and put a lighter color in the temple area, over the ears next to the eyes, to draw the attention away from the closeness of the eyes.


This is primarily about longevity and appropriateness. If you are a person who wears a hat at work hairstyles with volume in the top such as humps, buns and even some curled styles may not work for you, or if you exercise on a regular basis sweating out your style is a real possibility and your style will require stronger holding products if not a different style all together. For some careers such as those in the legal profession you cannot have certain hair colors and styles because they are not seen as professional so you can find that you will have to stretch your creativity just a bit to avoid repetition. These are all questions that should be on any client record card that are kept in a safe place for updating during client visits for the stylist and for you "do it yourselfers" these are the questions you want to ask yourself before you decide on a style in order to get the best hairstyle possible for you!

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