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What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living is ACTIVELY living in awareness of the physical and metaphysical aspects of being in order to create a life you love.

Conscious living creates sovereignty through it's two main aspects.......

2 main aspects of conscious living

1. Self awareness " know thyself and you will know the universe and god"

2. Self reliance "knowing is half of the battle" the other half is doing and it is crucial to conscious living.

With these two concepts one will be ready to Make the choice, make the plan, and make moves in conscious living.



  • is awareness of the vibes you bring and those you encounter and how to position yourself accordingly for your highest vibration ~Sweetie


  • the way you live; being your habits, conduct, and customs

Beauty and Wellness

  • combination of how you look and feel
  • quality of state of being healthy in mind, body, and spirit
  • emphasizing preventing illness and having a prolonged life

Welcome To Your Conscious Living Resource 

How it works

Sweetie Consulting

Sweetie Consulting is the perfect place for the awakened woman to feed her curiosity and grow mentally physically and spiritually in conscious living. I provide all of the tools you need to grow and thrive in a conscious lifestyle.


  • Sweetie"s online conscious living academy
  • Sweetie Community
  • Freedom Town National Eco VIllage

Conscious Living with Sweetie

Online Academy (Facebook Group)

Sweetie Online Academy offers video lectures, PowerPoints, and review materials to all students.

Visit the academy page to enroll and gain access to the online academy.

Sweetie Community (Facebook Group)

The Sweetie Community is a private Facebook group for awakened women ACTIVELY transitioning to and living a conscious lifestyle. This community provides support education and access to the means to grow in and thrive in conscious living.

Freedom Town National Eco Village (Facebook Group)

The Freedom Town National eco Village is a public Facebook group for people creating sovereignty though living consciously. Here we dive deep into self-reliance and learn crating and gardening skills.

Results to expect

  • growth in awareness of self and others
  • cultivate self love
  • improve self care
  • learn to flow in life without resisting or forcing
  • gain self empowerment
  • learn self healing
  • increase emotional control
  • new found clarity and inner peace

Come on Suga, Follow Sweetie.....


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