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The Sovereignty Map | helps you chart a path for growth in conscious living! You can follow it directly or to chart a path of your own using it as a reference point. 

The Sweetie MEthod for Conscious Living

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Where to start 
1. Start with SELF, as in Self-Awareness 
You are the #1 priority and it is beneficial and crucial to know not just who, but what you are. This is key in building self belief and incudes subjects like biology and physics. Both of which we address in The Sweetie Workshops.

2.  Build Sovereignty through Self-Reliance
"The Battle" is 100% but it's not 50/50 it's 40% knowing 30%vibration 30% doing
Learn and practice self-reliance with me! Learn self-reliance in The Online Academy and practice with me in The Sweetie Community. Remember the ONLY way to live consciously is to actually do it!