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Sweetie Consulting is your conscious living resource and Sweetie Cheresse is the conscious living queen
Providing support, education, and the means to create your own path as you transition to and thrive in a conscious lifestyle

How it works

Sweetie Consulting

The Sweetie Consulting is the perfect place for the awakened woman to feed her curiosity and grow mentally physically and spiritually. We provide all of the tools you need to grow and thrive in a conscious lifestyle. 


  • online academy
  • sweet & simple guides
  • sweet & simple kits and packages 
  • Sweetie Buying Club
  • Sweetie Community

Conscious Living Education:

Online Academy

The Sweetie Online Academy offers video lectures, powerpoints, and review materials to all students. 

  1. visit the academy page and click the "Sweetie Online Academy" box
  2. follow the prompts from there to create your student account

Sweet & Simple Guides 

Guides for the awakened woman with a burning curiosity for self discovery and care of her whole self, mind body and spirit. Learn about the art of manifesting your desires using positive vibes, the chakras and how to identify blockages and self heal them, learn about how your body communicates its needs to you and how to understand it, shopping with awareness: food and product safety, and how to self heal using essential oils and aromatherapy. 

  1.   to order guides visit the "Shop" page and go on ahead and make your selection

Support and the Means for Conscious Living 

Sweetie Packages 

These packages are great on their own and amazing when used with a Sweetie course and guide 

1. to order packages visit the "Shop" page and go on ahead and make your selection

2. Join the buying club to save 20% off of your purchase  

Sweeties Buying Club

SAVE 20% off of all online purchases  

  1.  visit the "Buying Club" page 
  2. complete the registration form and click the pay membership button
  3. check your email 
  4. you can now purchase packages and kits with your secret discount code

Sweetie Community
The Sweetie Community is a private Facebook group fro awakened women transition to and living a conscious lifestyle. This community provides support education and access to the means to grow in and thrive in conscious living. 

Results to expect

  • growth in awareness of self and others
  • cultivate self love
  • improve self care
  • strengthen self discipline
  • gain self empowerment
  • learn self healing
  • increase emotional control
  • new found clarity and inner peace



  • arrangement in appropriate positions


  • the way you live; being your habits, conduct, and customs

Beauty and Wellness

  • combination of how you look and feel
  • quality of state of being healthy in mind, body, and spirit
  • emphasizing preventing illness and having a prolonged life

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